Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will be carrying out its latest construction inspection initiative throughout October 2018.

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  1. All - All persons wishing to access MAB’s sites/premises, for the purpose of carrying out building or maintenance works, must have undergone MAB’s (e-learning) asbestos awareness refresher/top-up training. This training is available to you from MAB’s CDM website Guidance on how to register and complete the training is in the links section of the opening (dashboard) page.

  2. All - All persons wishing to access MAB’s sites/premises, for the purpose of carrying out building or maintenance works, must know their MAB e-learning ‘Unique ID Number’, this is the number on the bottom of the training certificate which can be viewed/downloaded once the MAB e-learning has been completed.

  3. Managing Contractors - MAB require you to record the MAB asbestos awareness e-learning ‘Unique ID Number’ of all persons wishing to access your site. This should be recorded on site by your Site Supervisor in a similar way to that which you currently record CSCS card numbers. Each month you will be required to identify any persons who attend site and cannot provide you with their ‘Unique ID Number’. The CSCS card and accident report you send to Principal Safety at the end of each month will be amended to include MAB’s e-learning. Note; should your Site Supervisor wish to, he can check whether any individual has completed the e-learning by selecting the training tab at



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MAB's Successful Projects is mandatory for all persons who have management responsibilities on MAB sites, this includes all; Site Managers/Foremen, Contract Administrators and Building Managers.
A representative from each Direct Sub-contractor must also attend.

Asbestos Awareness Training (AAT) is a requirement of the Control of Asbestos Regulations for any person whose works mean that they could inadvertently disturb asbestos. Principal Safety offer a course which includes MAB specific content. MAB do not require you to attend Principal's course they only require that you have received AAT.

Successful Projects

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Asbestos Awareness

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